peg the height of a table to 90% of the screen

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Start with this simple HTML:

<table border='1' width='100%' height='90%'>
  <div style='overflow: auto'>

What does it look like it will do? If the table sets the rules and its
inside things follow, then the table should peg to 100% by 90%, right?

The goal is the <div> gets a scroll bar so its internals are always in
a viewport inside the screen.

So now put your cursor inside the <div>, and paste all this in:

Not good. The table now sets its size based on the div, which detects
no overflow. Putting height tags in other places doesn't work (in
Firefox). No scroll bar appears, and the poetry overflows the
browser's page.

What's the fix? I don't want to peg the table to height: 45ex, for
example, because I target any resolution.


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