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I have installed, by desire of a friend, a html-site with a window frame in
which he wanna have to show up a pdf file. He wanna actualize this pdf file
every day, but Firefox doesn't seem to like to see the update immediately,
but first at the next day.  Is there any hint to get Firefox zu actualize


Re: PDF and Firefox

Do you mean it is saved in the cache?

If so you can set your cache to 0 which will force Firefox to always
get the latest content

go > tools > options > privacy > "Use up to: 0 KB of disk space for
the cache > OK


On Wed, 22 Nov 2006 12:46:44 +0100, "Gaius Baltar"

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(OT response) Re: PDF and Firefox

Gaius Baltar wrote:
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I don't normally correct people's grammar or word usage but in this case
the error will make your question hard to understand for many.
"Actualize" doesn't mean in English what it means in other languages
with a related word like "aktualisieren". It means "to turn something
potential into a reality". The word you wanted is "update", which you
used as a noun, and which is also a verb.

(Similarly, "eventual" in English doesn't mean the same thing as related
words in Romance and Germanic languages such as "eventuell". It doesn't
mean "possible", but "expected to happen, but at some unknown time in
the future".)

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