PC hardware detection on a webpage?

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Is it possible to do hardware detection on a webpage?

Basically I need to determine OS type, CPU speed, memory size and free drive
space on C: (system drive) using a web page. If the machine is not a Windows
PC (Mac, Linux, etc.) then it automatically does not meet requirements and
the test can fail (gracefully, of course)

Using the Windows API I can do all this and build an OCX, but it only works
on the machine I've compiled on and not on other PC's visiting the website.

I admit that I'm a newbie at this kind of thing and I'm not sure which
direction to go...

Can someone provide some pointers or examples please?

FWIW, it should be cross browser compatible but I'll settle for any examples
at this point.

Re: PC hardware detection on a webpage?

Noozer wrote:
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Cant be done. You need to rely on an ActiveX or a Java (not JavaScript)
applet to do this, and these days thanks to way to many security scares
in IE, most people dont allow either of these to run. Also, people who
dont use IE cannot use ActiveX at all. Basically, if you're trying to do
this out on the Internet, it's not going to happen. If you are doing
this on an Intranet, or somewhere where you can define requirements
(Java &/or IE), then you can probably do it.

Re: PC hardware detection on a webpage?

It was somewhere outside Barstow when SpaceGirl

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Do it with an ActtiveX. In the _very_ few circumstances where it's
legitimate to do this, you're talking about an intranet or similar
where you can relax the security constraints for known servers.

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