Pass a form value that is different from selected value

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I have a form set up that includes pull down menus that are sent to a
shopping cart Basket page.  It works fine whenever the "code" being passed
is the same as the prompt.  However I have a problem in that the code in my
shopping cart does not allow any spaces.  I have the following example for a
color selection:

The form option is "As Shown"
That passes to the Basket Page as "As Shown"
Since there is a space it causes an error - I need to pass it to the Basket
as "As_Shown" which is how the "code" is set up in the Basket.

I can certainly change things so my prompt and code are the same, but it
looks unprofessional to present the user an option of

I don't know too much about forms so any pointers are appreciated!  Thanks.

Re: Pass a form value that is different from selected value

"Iceman" <> wrote:

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Sounds like the shopping basket script could have been written better.
Are you really not able to fix that, rather than mucking about with

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Unless there's something you're not telling us I don't see what the
problem is.
<option value="As_Shown">As Shown</option>

The user sees a space, the shopping basket script sees an underscore,
everyone is happy.


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