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Like Cell Research Center brings you the world's most advanced stem
cell procedures and treatments for people who suffered from
Parkinson's disease, Cerebral Palsy, stroke, spinal cord injury and
range of brain injuries.
Anuar feels "very hopeful for the future"
Anuar suffered spinal cord trauma 10 years ago. Anuar suffered loss of
limb movement, especially of the legs. He lost sensation in limbs and
torso. Also he suffered from the loss of normal bowel and bladder
After 2months stem cell treatment, Anuar's condition is noticeably
improved. His body's stiffness has decreased and he can bend his arms
with ease. His ability to grasp objects is much improved. Sensation
and feeling has returned to his lower torso. The great improvement to
the right side of his body allows him to bend his leg and move his
toe. Equally important, Anuar feels "very hopeful for the future".
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