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I'm not sure if this is a server side or client side issue.

I have a straightforward ASP page that queries a database and displays a
list of restaurants.  This works fine.

I wanted to add the ability for the user to filter the list by specifying a
city and quadrant of the city (NW, NE, SW, SE) in two separate list boxes.

Using the FORM command I was able to create the list boxes and populate them
when my page loads.  Again this is working fine.

Now the user can click on these boxes and make a selection.  What I can't
figure out is how to get the data from those list boxes and change my SQL
query.  I did some searching and most sites say that you need a submit
button which will send the variables to another page.  I tried creating a
submit button and sending it back to my original page but this didn't work.

1. I don't want to start up another page. I just want to redisplay the
current page using the new parameters (and preferrably have the list box
display the new selection too)

2. Preferrably I would not even have to press the Submit button.  I would
prefer that as soon as a person makes a choice that the I would be able to
redisplay my current page using that selection.

I'm pretty new to all of this and learning it as I go.  Am I asking for the
impossible or is there some way to do this?



Re: Page with Form and ASP

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The solution is to send the form variables to the current page, and use the
variables created in the SQL statement.

Re: Page with Form and ASP

Thanks I got it going.  The biggest problem was that I was trying to use GET
instead of POST.  Once I started using POST things started to work for me.
From the docs I read it seemed like should be using GET but if it works, I'm
not going to argue


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