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I'm creating a new't laugh
...I'm new at this..and it has a long way to go

It has a lot of graphics and for those potential users without corporate LAN
or Cable access, downloading of the pages may be slow.

How doI create a prompt or popup window that says                   Please
be patient,your EPN page is downloading.....

Re: Page down loading message question

DPKovacs wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I'll save a rant about semantic HTML, I'm sure someone else will give it
to you. I'll just say that the PDA image tiles at large resolutions and
leave it at that.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You don't. Reduce fluff and increase content instead.

Re: Page down loading message question

Quoted text here. Click to load it


Build proper content instead. Get rid of all those pictures of text and
replace them with the real text. That would reduce your page size by an
order of magnitude.

Apart from that, those images are not resizable. I cannot read them and
anybody else with even a slight sight problem probably could not either.

Below is the entire content of your page as spoken by an aural browser or as
read by a search engine bot.


[top1] [spacer]
[top2div] [btn-About_-EPN] [top2div] [btn-Services%20copy] [top2div]
[btn-Resources] [top2div] [btn-Affiliates] [top2div] [btn-SiteMap]
[top3] [top3div]
[spacer] Please LOGIN
[lbl-username] ________________
[lbl-password] ________________
                Please Register
___________________ [btn-search]
[spacer]            [spacer]


[spacer] [spacer]
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