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One of my ASP's was working fine for a long time.  Now it has started
constantly refreshing itself.  Everytime I run it I just get the first part
of the page, then it refreshes itself, the rest of the page doesn't get
displatyed, and this goes on continuously.

The main sympton is that the select box thats being populated gets a
different number of rows loaded into it each time.  And the last row that
gets loaded is always truncated.  Its almost like theres some size
limitation its encountering.  I didn't think there was a limit on select

The ASP is index.asp, and I have a form that submits it to itself.

Even thought this is an ASP I think the problem could be with the select
(html) box.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I'm using WinXP Pro SP2, IIS, Access db.

Here's the code segment ...

<form method="GET" action="index.asp">
   <input type="submit" value="Ok" style="width:
<%=Session("SystemButtonWidth")%>; height:
   Q-TAGS SELECTION LIST (red lines indicate notes are attached)
   <SELECT name="lbESCI" size="7"
   Do While Not rs1.EOF
      if len(rs1("NOTES")) > 0 then
         myOptionText = " class=red "
         myOptionText = " class=black "
      end if

      if mySearchString <> "" then
         if rs1("ESCI") = mySearchString then
            response.write "<option selected " & myOptionText & ">"
            response.write "<option " & myOptionText & ">"
         end if
      elseif rs1("ESCI") = left(myQueryString,6) then
         response.write "<option selected " & myOptionText & ">"
         response.write "<option " & myOptionText & ">"
      end if

      myOption = rs1("ESCI") & " | " & rs1("ESCN")
      response.write myOption
      response.write "</option>"

Re: Page continuously refreshes

The rs1 sql query is here ...

mySQL = mySQL & "SELECT DISTINCT Qtags.ESCI, Qtags.ESCN, Notes.Notes "
mySQL = mySQL & "FROM QTags LEFT JOIN Notes ON (QTags.ESCI = Notes.ESCI) "
mySQL = mySQL & "ORDER BY Qtags.ESCI " mySQL,myDSN

Re: Page continuously refreshes

Heres some new info I just discovered.

I changed one line of code ...

      myOption = rs1("ESCI") & " | " & rs1("ESCN")
      myOption = rs1("ESCI") & " | " & left(rs1("ESCN"),20)

and it worked for about 10 tries of navigating around, then it went back to
its old behavior.

Sure seems like some kind of limit is being hit.

Re: Page continuously refreshes

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