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I need to set a p3p privacy policy on one of my web sites.
I have been able to create the correct files that are needed.

The site is hosted on an ISP provided server, with no access to the
root. The setup is; home.pacbell.net/mysitename/.

Since I don't have root access, I can't place the p3p.xml file in the
usual location. Hence I must add a link in the headers of each page
pointing to the p3p.xml file. I have done this without problem.

The next file required is #policy1.p3p . This is what has given me
fits today. I have created the proper file and saved it as named.
Using the web based access, the file is uploaded fine. The
uploaded  file name is shown as #policy1.p3p. Once I click 'OK' the
file is shown to have changed names to _policy1.p3p.
Trying to change the file name back to a leading # shows it as OK but
the result is that the file remains with a leading _ instead of the
required #.

Sooo, I used FTP and tried to add the file. The result was:
Response: 257 "/public_html/privacy" is current directory.
Command: TYPE I
Response: 200 Type set to I
Command: PASV
Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (207,115,17,228,248,193).
Command: STOR #policy1.p3p
Response: 500 'STOR #policy1.p3p' not understood
Error: Critical error

If I upload the file without the leading # and try changing the name
in FTP I get this result:
Status:    Renaming '/public_html/privacy/policy1.p3p' to
Command:    RNFR policy1.p3p
Response:    350 File or directory exists, ready for destination
Command:    RNTO #policy1.p3p
Response:    501 Invalid number of arguments.

Does anyone have any ideas with this?

Many thanks for any help at all,

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Re: p3p question - need file name with a leading number sign # - mtia

Hey D wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Why on earth are you calling the file that? You are almost certainly
getting confused about linking from the p3p.xml file to the policies.
A typical setup would have something like:


            <POLICY-REF about="/p3p/policy1.p3p#policy1">
              <!-- stuff here -->
            <POLICY-REF about="/p3p/policy1.p3p#policy1b">
              <!-- stuff here -->
            <POLICY-REF about="/p3p/policy2.p3p#policy2">
              <!-- stuff here -->


        <POLICIES xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2002/01/P3Pv1 ">
          <POLICY name="Policy1">
            <!-- stuff here -->
          <POLICY name="Policy1b">
            <!-- stuff here -->


        <POLICIES xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2002/01/P3Pv1 ">
          <POLICY name="Policy2">
            <!-- stuff here -->

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