tag not wrapping

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I have experienced this issue in both IE and in Firefox, but usually
not the same page at the same time.

I'll have text that begins and ends with the paragraph tag <p>.  This
tag is suppose to automatically wrap text based on the resolution of
the viewer's monitor.  Invariably what happens is that the text will
display as thought there is a no-wrap argument.

Right now I'm working on a template which will be the bases for my
pages in a new website.  I have some garbage text in a paragraph to
represent the data that will eventually be there.  When I view the page
in IE it looks fine.  When I view it in Mozilla Firefox it does not

Previously I had a site that did the same thing in IE.  On one computer
it would wrap when viewed in IE and on another computer it did not.

What the heck is going on here?!?!?

How can I FORCE my text to wrap AND still float based on the viewer's



tag not wrapping

TheTamdino wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I don't know maybe something like

P { width: 800px; }


#content { width: 800px; }


Quoted text here. Click to load it

If we could actually *see* your page we might be able to *see* what your
have done that causes your problem.

Take care,



tag not wrapping

Scripsit TheTamdino:

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You're multiposting, that's what's going on. It's foolish and disruptive,
and so is you babbling about a problem when you don't specify a URL.

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