Overriding _top target

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We are implementing an application in a frame that seems to have a lot of
"target=_top" links which, as predicted, pulls the app out of the frame its
supposed to stay in.  Is there a way to force "_top" to be the frame it is
to reside in?


Re: Overriding _top target

On 7/10/04 3:42 pm, Jon Glazer wrote:

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The best you can do is use a batch processing editor to delete all these
target attributes.

Philip Ronan
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Re: Overriding _top target

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I agree, but have you tried naming the parent form "_top"? Don't know if it
will work but worth a shot.

BTW, just wondering if "_parent" is a valid reference to the parent
container for a frame?

Re: Overriding _top target

Jon Glazer wrote:
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Yes. Just rename target="_self" or remove the target.

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