overlaying - alternating images.

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On my latest adventure I am using one background image as the main focal
As you mouse over a link, a new image appears in the center of the original.
The simple function I'm using swaps one "main" image with the new image.
Rather than having an always obtrusive center image appear when mouse is not
over a link, I've created a gif image that is totally transparent which
gives the impression there is only one image instead of two.
Kind of like laying a glass over a photo.
Picture if you will, a large wheel, and within that wheel you have another

First question is, can I do something that will allow me not to use a
"clear" image over the original?

Second question is, due to the nature of the images being displayed in an
invisible square box, I am attempting to MAP out sections of the original
image to act as links as well. Only problem is, the second image is
destroying the area defined by the coordinates on the original image. Making
the usable portion next to nothing and hard to locate the mouseover link.

The source of the swapping routine is nothing more than a simple preloading
The function simply determines which image is to be displayed based upon the
number given which relates to the number in the array.

Just curious to know what else I can try to simplify things the way I want
I'll see about putting it up online in the morning.

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