overflowing iframes?

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Hi Everyone:

I have an <iframe> that I use to load a bulletin board (I use to
iframe so that the bboard is integrated into the rest of the site).
Everything works, except that when the bulletin board page is larger
than, say, 1000px, the iframe holding it gets its own scrollbar--this
is quite ugly and non-user friendly since the page now has 2
scrollbars, the browser one, and the iframe one.

A temporary "fix" for this problem was setting the iframe height to
10,000px.  The problem with this, of course, is that there is a huge
amount of empty white space where the bboard doesn't fill the iframe.
And on pages that exceed 10,000px, the scrollbar reappears, of course.
 Essentially everything is working as I would expect it to.  But I
want to make the iframe never have a scrollbar itself, instead relying
on the browser's scollbar to see the whole frame/bulletin board.

using scrolling="no" in the <iframe> definition works, but the problem
is still there - you still have to scroll through the iframe
specifically to see everything, except now theres no actual scollbar -
and the browser's scollbar does nothing for the iframe.

So I think the answer lies somewhere in the css 'overflow' property,
though I cant figure out how to implement this with the iframe.  I've
used it with div's before but never iframes.

Appreciate any suggestions/help.  Thanks in advance,

(just for reference)

<iframe frameborder=0 scrolling="no" width=800 height=10000
src="mybboard.php"> etc.


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