[OT] What's happened to allmyfaqs?

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Hello all....

(Yes, I'm finally back, for those who haven't realised already.)

http://www.allmyfaqs.com /

I've noticed in the last few weeks that every page on that site has been
read only for however long, and that there are no updates since September.

I tried emailing Jerry a week ago, but haven't had any kind of
acknowledgement.  So, what has happened?  Any idea when/if it'll be back
in operation?  (Jerry, are you anywhere to be seen?)


My e-mail is valid but not my primary mailbox.  Please keep replies on
the 'group where everyone may benefit.

Re: [OT] What's happened to allmyfaqs?

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Didn't know you'd gone.  Who are you?

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It was touch & go for a while while someone else took on the hosting
responsibility.  I imagine it had a decent about of traffic that someone
had to pay for.

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Re: [OT] What's happened to allmyfaqs?

While sitting in a puddle Hywel Jenkins scribbled in the mud:

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Tina Peters.

I recommend
http://hostingforabuck.com /

Re: [OT] What's happened to allmyfaqs?

On Tue, 01 Feb 2005 17:18:53 +0000, Stewart Gordon

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There was a discussion here couple of months ago:


(I had also had a brief email discussion with Jerry)

Briefly, Jerry was considering letting the domain lapse, but after
some pleading from several users, a way was found to keep it running.
I suspect he was discouraged by the drive-by link-spammers.


Nick Theodorakis
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Re: [OT] What's happened to allmyfaqs?

nick_theodorakis@hotmail.com (Nick Theodorakis) wrote:

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So, basically, AllMyFAQs isn't a wiki any more, is it?
The information at http://www.allmyfaqs.com/ under "AllMyFAQs is:"
would not be correct then. That page seems to be read-only, too.

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