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I'm considering getting a paid host (currently I host sites on free
space provided by my ISP). Some web hosting related questions:

1) What is the typical (if there is such a thing) policy of a host when
a DOS attack occurs against a web site, is the site owner liable for the
cost of the bandwidth if it's in excess of the limit?
2) For shared server deals, what should I look out for, to avoid as much
as possible the risk of someone else's server side scripting bringing
down the machine or slowing it down to a crawl causing all sites hosted
by that machine to suffer?
3) For ordinary web sites, how much does physical location matter? If my
audience is almost exclusively EU based, is that a reason to look for a
EU host, or are for example USA hosts nearly as fast?
4) I'm in Ireland, I might want to opt for .ie top level domains, I can
register .ie domains directly with the appropriate organization, can .ie
domains be hosted by any host if I do that?


Re: OT: web hosting related questions

Spartanicus wrote:

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I do not think so. Someone else in here will tell you for sure.

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I never had this problem with catalyst2. Make sure there is no a high
workload on one particular machine, e.g. by requesting high loads of data
from a site they host. (I didn't say this *wink*)

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Try to choose a local one for various reasons: time, support/contact,
currencies, proximity to visitors...

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My host is in N. Ireland although I live in Manchester. It's called
catalyst2 (in Belfast) and they are excellent.


Roy Schestowitz

Re: web hosting related questions

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It varies from host to host.  Personally, I would look for a host that
limits your bandwidth (cuts you off when you reach your limit) and provides
monitoring tools and notices, so that you know when you are getting close.

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A reputable host.  You won't know, unless you have root access and server
logs, if the server is overcrowded, etc.  So, you'll want to make sure you
check the long-term reputation of the host.

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Doesn't matter.  The difference will be negligible, if at all, to anyone
visiting your site.

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I don't know of any host that *can't* host any kind of domain.  There may be
some who choose not to.  Ask before you purchase.

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