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I have been trying to (come up with/find) a friendly message to display when
a user's session expires, one which explains to them clearly and consisely
what has happened.  *I* know what a session is and why they expire, but I am
having trouble explaining it in a way that *any* possible net user will
understand.  Does anyone know of a good resource for things of this kind?  I
have already tried Google, the majority of session expired messages floating
around on the 'net are uninspired to say the least.

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Re: OT( ? ): Session expired message

Nik Coughin wrote:
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First of all, *don't* have a whole page just for a session expiring,
just a sentence or two at the top of the page. A whole page which blocks
the page the user is trying to view is annoying, and often pointless
when nothing of importance was stored in the session to begin with.

Re: OT( ? ): Session expired message

Leif K-Brooks wrote:
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I'm using the session management built into Intraweb for Delphi.  The only
pages that will trigger a SessionTimeout event are pages that the user has
to be logged in to view anyway, ie User Information, Shopping Cart etc.  I'm
not storing anything in the session which isn't necessary.  I don't have a
lot of choice over whether or not I have a whole page for session expiry,
besides which the expiry page *has* to block the page that the user is
trying to view, because if they can view a page that normally requires them
to be logged in regardless of their having had their session timed out,
there isn't much point in having session management at all.

Re: OT( ? ): Session expired message


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Something straightforward and to the point, such as "For security reasons
users are automatically logged out after a certain period of inactivity. You
can log in again using the form below to return to the page you requested.",
or "Session timed out, you idle git!" ;-)


Nigel Moss.

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Re: OT( ? ): Session expired message

On Mon, 21 Jun 2004 13:44:28 +1200, "Nik Coughin"
these words:

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I'm a writer and probably not the only one here. Give us one (or two)
that you don't like and why and maybe we can help you fix it/them.

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