OT. Serif Webplus X5. Does it create bad code?

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Hi all.

Not strictly HTML, but I wasn't sure where else to ask. If this
program is used to design a site, is the background HTML flawed in any
way? As a WYSISWG editor I'm sure it has issues, but are they a
genuine problem in some way?

FYI a colleauge wishes to use it for a basic site for a local Scouts
group. Nothing involving money and business. He doesn't want me to
code anything, just use a tamplate, but I don't want him getting
problems later that can be forseen now.



Re: OT. Serif Webplus X5. Does it create bad code?

Mike Barnard wrote:
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Serif is a good company that has long provided low-cost alternatives for
graphic design projects of all sorts. That said, it is unlikely that any
WISIWYG editor will generate absolutely clean HTML code without requiring
some clean-up, but that is unlikely to be the most time-consuming aspect of
the process.


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