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Sent ya some e-mail there, cupcake!
Don't delete it! I sent it from a M$ product!


Re: OT - ping Brucie

In alt.html  Karl Core said:

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its an interesting proposition and i've never seen it done with a wombat
before but i don't think i can acquire that many without raising

i'm not even sure the "bits" will match up if you know what i mean. i
think just trying a few to start would be better and then expand the
operation of everything works out ok.

some consideration also needs to me made on how fast we should move on
it as there will certainly be copycats undermining our market once we go

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i've already had it framed. no one ever emails me.

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its very brave of you to publicly acknowledge your deformity. the first
step. check your local white pages for self help groups in your area.


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