OT: Opera, missing Emulate Text Browser?

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I've just installed Opera 9.24 in Vista, and when I click View->Style
"Emulate Text Browser" is missing.  Really annoying because I use this a

Any ideas?

Re: OT: Opera, missing Emulate Text Browser?

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I'm am on XP. I had Opera 9.23. I checked and there was an update to
9.24, which I took. After installing, "About" confirmed that I am now
using 9.24. However if You go to View > Style, "Emulate Text Browser"
is still on the list, and the check box for it is working.

I do not know if your problem is some fluke, in which case
reinstalling might clear the problem up. On the other hand it might
have something to do with Vista. If you go to the Opera site and check
their forum, you might be able to find out if your problem is being
had by others who use Vista. Some of the Opera employees sometimes
post, and they often can give some good information about strange
issues such as the one you have.

Re: OT: Opera, missing Emulate Text Browser?

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I took your advice and posted.

The reason that it is missing on my install is that it is a fresh install;
they dropped all of the "novelty" stylesheets in Opera 9.  However, if you
upgraded from an earlier version then they are still present on your hard

I just copied it over from my Windows XP machine, which has been running
Opera fairly much forever.

I attached the textonly.css stylesheet to my post on the Opera forums in
case anyone else needs it:

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