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Re: OT: Nested Table Rant

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If you care to express yourself more clearly, then i will show you how
and why it is possible.

kristiaan@xs4all.netherlands (nl)

Re: OT: Nested Table Rant

gmcclary wrote:

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Yes, it does. And table-base layouts are likely not going away anytime
soon. That said...

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Been shown otherwise.

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Oh, how I wish I could show you some of the layouts I've been developing
at work. You'd be puckering up to that ugly dog many times over. And to
drive home the point, I did the layouts first with table structures,
then with CSS-P -- the latter came in an average of 40% lighter in terms
of necessary code.


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Re: OT: Nested Table Rant

 Adrienne Boswell wrote:

 > <movie="The Two Towers" character="Gollum">I hates Nested Tables! I
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Re: OT: Nested BULLIS Rant

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Oh, that's clever, Bullis.

Comments about Bullis:
 As unwelcome as you have always been in here....You keep going
'.....offering idiotic comment after idiotic comment.

I'm gonna echo these sentiments. We know Bullis is a sick fuck.

This appears to be a field in which you are not qualified to render an

...every time I resolve to be more civil on usenet, I see another post from
"richard" giving someone completely off-the-wall advice with dangerous
consequences. So instead of saying something uncivil like "richard, you
clueless, pathetic moron, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" I;ll just bite my tongue and
say nothing.

Please stop posting legal advice, as you are clearly not qualified and most
of your advice is worse than useless.

Once again, following Richard's advice will end up with you being arrested.

of a child, but you're no mindreader and as long as the thoughts remain a
fantasy, there is no possible way to convict".

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Re: OT: Nested Table Rant

@sbcglobal.net says...
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Be thankful you don't have to de-frame this:

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Re: OT: Nested Table Rant

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Sometimes it's wiser to recommend that the client use that other company
over there ---->


Re: OT: Nested Table Rant

Sometime around Thu, 30 Oct 2003 08:06:28 -0000, Hywel Jenkins is reported
to have stated:
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Wow.  That's hideous.  Really, *really* awful.  I'm going to be in therapy
this weekend after seeing that code.

Mark Parnell

Re: Nested Table Rant


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I think you'll find in the original specs this should have been done using
the <book> tag! ;-)


Nigel Moss.

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