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I've seen on the adobe site where there is an example of an expanding
tree. Have asked in the flash newsgroup but no takers yet. Anyone here
got a working example of a site that uses this thing?

Re: OT looking for a flash example

In article

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I am reminded of something I *used* to think was quite cool but I am not
so sure of these days, I have no idea why the fonts always look so bad
no matter how the parameters are set:


It uses an applet and the links go nowhere in this example. I am sure
the Flash one would be classier. Me, I am happy to have a site map that
is a simple list of all the links but maybe this *is* a bit boring.


Re: OT looking for a flash example

On Mon, 18 Aug 2008 08:37:42 +1000, dorayme

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Nice one. But the scripting can be turned off and make the stuff

http://www.4thorder.us/Scripts/Scripts/JS.MDME /

I've used this one a couple of times but it's tricky setting it up.
If scripting is turned off, it reverts to a noscript mode making all
the data still available.

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