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 I'm trying to come to grips with IIS permissions (win 2000). I've been down
to microsoft.public.inetserever.iis but I guess my question are too basic
for them! Seems like we have a lot of expertise with this here.

I need scripts to be able to save/modify files in the webroot.

  Here is what I think:

 IIS comes out of the box setup with the webroot (in this case, not on
system drive) having these NTFS owners: administrator,everyone,system.

An "Internet Guest User" account needs to be added here. This needs
read/write permissions. What does modify mean? What's with the deny? How
does IIS know to use this account over the web rather than one of the

Over in the "Internet Services Manager" the website's "Home Directory" needs
to have read/write permissions.

I'm using MySQL and perl. The folders that these reside in need to have the
"Internet Guest User" account added. Permissions  just need to be execute
and read.

  Does this sound about right? Reasonably secure?

  I need to walk someone with less experience than I have through this
tomorrow morning! All this just to create some html!


Re: OT IIS and permissions

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I've resolved most of my questions on this.

Aside from the documentation being extremely poorly written, I've come to
believe that *very* few people who use IIS have any real understanding of
it. No wonder it and the whole MS line is such a hazard.


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