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For ultra-picky formatting reasons, my website uses styles that affect
the line height for the BR tag:

br.low {line-height: 7px;}

br.lower {line-height: 1px;}

They work fine in IE 6, Netscape 7 and Firebird, but Opera just ignores
them.  I've also tried using percentages, with the same results.

The website is at http://wayfarer.brinkster.net/ and the stylesheet is
at http://wayfarer.brinkster.net/journeys.css .

If anyone could counsel me on the correct way to do this, I'd appreciate


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Re: Opera/CSS problem

Wayfarer said...

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thats just ridiculous
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A line break is defined to be a carriage return (&#x000D;), a line
feed (&#x000A;), or a carriage return/line feed pair. All line breaks
constitute white space.
</quote> http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/text.html#edef-BR

operas behavior is correct
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i recommend you start again. your html/css is waaaaay more complex
than it needs to be. what is this?: <div class="hr"><hr></div>. whats
with all the <div class="nav">? you only need one. etc etc etc

23/September/2003 04:09:43 pm

Re: Opera/CSS problem

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Tags don't exist in CSS. It's elements that count. What could it possibly
mean to set the line height of a _line break_? How high can you break a
line? For an inline element, the property sets the height of the boxes
generated by the element. The BR is inline, but it generates no box.

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I think you need to specify what "this" is, i.e. to tell what you wish to
achieve, rather than just mention two CSS rules, which actually should not
have any effect by the specifications.

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