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In IE, and Opra, I have my pref's set to open links in new windows.  I have an
nasty habit of clicking on the wrong 'x' to get stuff to go away.  ::: sigh
::::  Get tired of going back to the page, I lose my place. If it is a cookie
deal on what is read and not read.

Why do some links on message boards and web pages open just fine in a new
window and some don't, even though I have my prefs. set to open all in a new

Is it in the html, flash, java script, or what?

Is there anything I can do to make it consistent?

Win-98se, DSL though a linsky router/switch with zone alarm on top.
600hz CPU , 512+ RAM etc. Also have an HP laptop with XP-home and have the same

I see not particular pattern.

Help !!!!

Re: Open in new window ??.......

Gus wrote in message ...
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Because the website designer puts that option in their mark-up.

If they want it to open in a 'new window' they add the mark-up
target="_blank" to the link as in <a href=""

If they omit that mark-up the window just replaces the one you are
currently viewing.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

No ... and sometimes if you suspect the link doesn't open in a new window
and you try the right-click option it still doesn't work if it's a
javascript link, so when you realise you just close it and do a *normal*

Re: Open in new window ??.......

Steve R. wrote:

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Steve, I'm not entirely sure you read the original post. The OP *wanted*
all links to open in their own windows and has set his browser to do so.
However, some links don't for whatever reason.

That said, you may have hit upon the answer. Perhaps Opera honours
target="_self" and/or target="_top"?

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
Contact Me -

Re: Open in new window ??.......

Toby A Inkster wrote in message ...
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Hmm - I might be thick, but I can't see any way to configure IE to open
*all* links in new windows.

Surely the command to open a new window (or not) lies purely in the HTML in
the page, assuming of course that it's a simple left-click, and no browser
settings can alter that.

I wait to be educated otherwise.

Re: Open in new window ??.......

Thanks guys, at least now I have a better handle on it and don't think it is
totally my ham fisted approach to computers.

Gus aka 3

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