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I created a html page with 3 frames: left, top, and body. The problem
is when there is a link such as <A HREF="otherpage.htm">Open this page
in content frame</A> in b.htm, it opens the link in leftmenu frame,
not in content frame. Any ideas??


<frameset rows="15%,85%">

  <frame name=top src="a.htm">
  <frameset cols="10%,90%">
  <frame name=leftmenu src="b.htm" target="content">
  <frame name=content src="c.htm">



Re: open a link in wrong frame

Matt wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

target="content" should be added to the link (<A HREF="otherpage.htm"
target="content">) if you want otherpage.htm to display in your content
frame. If you want it to display in a new window, use (<A
HREF="otherpage.htm" target="_blank">). If you don't want it in a new
window but in the current window without frames, use  (<A
HREF="otherpage.htm" target="_top">.

Re: open a link in wrong frame

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Make sure that in the file 'b.htm', that in the <head></head> section
you have the following line:

        <base target="content">

If it is not there, that is what is causing your problem.  You have to
tell the browser in the page that is loaded what your base target is
for any displayed links.



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