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Hi there,

I am currently looking for software that is suited for online registration.
By online registration, I mean a process that users will be able to register
themselves into an organization and pay for the registration fees.   This
software needs to be able to track users that have registered in a database
that can be accessed via a website.   This software needs to be easy to set
up because many organizations will be using it.

I have been looking at shopping cart software but am unsure if it will work
appropritly.  I have looked at:
Interchange Web Site - and
Agora Web Site  -

Does anyone know if there is open source software, or open source software
that can be easily motified to suit my needs?   If not does anyone know of
software that can be purchased for online registration?

Please help.

Re: online registration

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While I don't know what your exact requirements are, there may be something
for you if you search:

Also, in terms of pre-packaged services, a company like may be
what you are looking for.  Agora is a decent store, but I'm not sure it can
be tweaked to do what you want without lots of work.

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Re: online registration

Hi Ethan:

I have tried searching both but have not been able to go through everything
(there is a lot of projects).
I'll give you an analogy for what i need.

A soccer organization wants a way for all of its players to register for the
organization online.   I need ecommerce software that will do this.

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Re: online registration

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You could use oscommerce.
It's a shopping cart program but you could manipulate the php to suit your
needs. If you want to do online credit card processing then you'll still
need a merchant account to process the transactions. I use verisign but you
could use cheaper products from,  or even


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