Oh dear, what a mess

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This page looks a complete mess in Firefox.  Fonts are too small and the
page resizes very badly. :(

Headings are also used in an odd way: forget about <h1> and <h2>.  Just
go straight in with <h3> and then on to <h6>. :)

And why is it even the simplest web pages need some Javascript?
Martin Jay
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Re: Oh dear, what a mess

Martin Jay wrote:
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Eek! That page has 351 errors at the W3C html validator. The first
thing is to get the page to validate, and this will be no small job,
since the code is long. Many of the errors result from using code on a
xhtml page that is allowed in html 4.01 but not xhtml as written. If
the problems do not go away after the page validates, then it is time
to search the code in more detail.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

If you imply that the example page is simple, I would hate to see a
complicated one :-). You  often can do without javascript, but it often
can be very useful. Often you can use php on the server rather than
client side javascript, and this does have the advantage that the php
can not be turned off by the client, as can javascript.

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