Offtopic PHP mail problems with MSN

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Hello all.
I don't know if this is the forum for this type of question but here goes.
I have used some script which is tied in to my web page on a php form.
All works well when users fill in their details and the POST proc
dispatches mail fine UNTIL I use
I can use or and the mail ends up at
correct address. But with msn it is neither bounced, nor appears in my
msn mailbox as junk. I have written to MSN about it, not holding my
breath and fortunately, I did not because their answer was useless.
Any suggestions or anyone experience similar because its important for
me to msn.

Re: Offtopic PHP mail problems with MSN

Alistair George wrote:
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I don't your choise of ng was the best for this matter, as it's really not
html related (even if you use a html form), nor is it really php (even if you
use php script to send the mail), but not sure what newsgroup had been the best.

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Microsoft uses two filters on their sites, first a filter that make a a first
line detection of spam, everything caught here are piped to /dev/null, on the
second line spam filter they use the preferences the user has set plus a
little bit more strict basic rules than in first line. It's on this second
line filtering that the mail will end in your junk box.

Microsoft won't give out any information how they decided what is spam and
what is not. I suggest you take a look at your mail header that you create in
your php script, don't send a mail without additional headers, but don't try
to copy outlook headers, try to tell that "who you are" and how to report
abuse, and I think you may have a better chance to get the mail throe.



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