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I'm making a genealogy website on a CD for distribution in my extended
family. I want to include a site search ON the CD for offline searching of
subdirectories of the opening HTML page. This would search text, not
keywords, and return a browser page of links to pages containing the text.
It would have to work in Windows AND Mac.

Is there such a thing? Java? Javascript? Applet?
Will Perl work outside of a server environment? (ie, no CGI or Apache is

Can someone point me to examples?

-- Gnarlie

Re: Offline site search?

I'm not sure you could do this easily, you'd need some sort of server
to serve up the web pages with the search results.

One possibility I suppose would be to have a web based version of the
cd which the search was hosted on and have the links point back to the
cd. It might be possible to write a java applet that did it, but i'd
have to run from java webstart in order to access the filesystem (which
means the user experience would not be very pleasent)

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