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I'm a student at University in the UK and have been designing and building
web sites for about 4 years now. I am trying to build up contacts and a
portfolio so that I can hopefully generate some income over the summer
months that I have off. To do this I am willing to offer my services
completely free of charge to help out any other web designers on a
sub-contract basis or anyone else that may need a web site produced.
Obviously there will be a limit as to how much work I can do for free but I
am willing to produce a small site (max 20 pages) and all the other bits
that go with it, i.e. images, text, coding etc. I am hoping that I will be
able to build some sort of relationship so that I can generate work with
this person in the future but there is no obligation to do this.

Some of my previous work. - in developement - in developement / - in developement

I hope these give you an idea of my ability.

Please don't hesitate to email me at and we can
take it from there.


Re: offering design services for free

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Foolish boy :) But good luck anyway!

Re: offering design services for free

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I looked at each of the sites you offered up. They all look quite, well, er,

However you should would submit each of them over at alt.html.critique for
review. There are some underlying problems that all of them have and some
specific problems each of them individually has. You just may learn
something from the advice you may recieve. Wear you tinfoil hat :-)

It is altruistic of you to offer your services but consider the arena in
which you make that offer. alt.html is a newsgroup frequented by
professional (or not) web site builders helping out by answering questions
from want-to-be web site builders. Does this suit your offer? Do any of us
require your services?

Then again somebody just may be lurking here who would *love* to use your
services :-)

Best of luck.


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