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This may be a bit off topic but I think this is a good place to pose
this question.

Can anyone recommend software that handles time sheets?
You know, a program that helps you log your time when working hourly
for a client.

It would be great if the software could generate a invoice at the end
of the month.


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HTNL-Kit has that, it's not the best in the world, but it works for me,

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: Off Topic: Time Sheet Software

On Fri, 04 Mar 2005 21:57:11 -0800, Fred wrote:

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Imendio planner can be used for task & project management.  KOrganizer is
quite good at time management.  Any spreadsheet can be made to do an OK
job of time management and invoicing.  GnuCash can be used for invoicing,
and there is some time management ability within it.  All of these come
with many linux distributions, and some of them are available for windows
and mac based computers.


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Hywel /
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Yep, I do currently use a spread sheet and it works well.

I'm an advocate as working as efficiently as possible and having to
boot Excel every time I punch in our out is tedious.

Ultimately I'd like the program to reside in the system tray so every
time I clock in all I have to do is hit a key stroke and I would be
prompted with questions like

Who are you working for (client name): = name is entered in this field
What are you working on (project details) = project description is
entered in this field

You then hit the enter key and the program starts timing you.

Then at the end of the month you can hit a button and review your
times and descriptions to confirm their accuracy.

I have been surfing Google for "Time Sheet Software" (I'm not sure if
that's the best search) and I see a lot of online apps that fall into
this category. I wonder if this is the best way to handle time sheet

Thanks for posting your suggestions.

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Per Fred:
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I've been doing the DB thing.   Wound up writing my own MS Access application -
probably mostly out of ignorance about what's already out there.

The "punch-in-punch-out" idea has sounded good to me from time-to-time; but I
always passed on it after some thought.

I used to write my time into DayTimers until I got fed up with their billing
system.   Now I write it into little 4x6 spiral-bound notebooks that I get at
Staples - one per month and batch-transcribe into my timekeeping app when the
mood strikes.

1) Not all of my billable hours happen with a computer (especially ths *same*
computer) at hand.

2) I can scribble into the notebook faster than I can fill out an online form.

3) The book serves as a sort of some cases faster and more
conviently scanned by thumb/eyeball than any database.

4) I've got something to go back to if an "official" (i.e. billing report)
activity looks suspicious - like maybe a typo in the hours or the wrong
project/client entered.  

5) I need to carry a book anyhow - if only for random notes and other things
that don't work so well on a Palm Pilot.

6) (marginal) It's backup in case my DB goes south and hasn't been backed up
recently enough.

1) Double entry.  But also an advantage per #s 4 & 6 above.

2) If I lose a booklet before entering the time I'm screwed.   Came close two
times in the 12 years I've been doing it....but hasn't happened yet.  Knock on

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08:30:19 -0800, in alt.html!!!

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I could write a program that does this for you.  If you are
interested, contact me at teresa @ teresarobinson dot net.  I'm trying
to get up to speed with HTML using suggestions I read here, so there's
nothing to see on that website, but I will gladly forward my resume if
you desire.

Let me know,  and apologies to the group for my blatant

Teresa Robinson
Pixel Software
teresa at teresarobinson dot net
(still nothing there to look at except a test page)

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Re: Off Topic: Time Sheet Software

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Can export to XML and delimited ASCII.

Bob Long

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