Object html page embeds allow use of any Doctype codes as inserts

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http://www.cwdjr.net/video7/test3.php (xhtml 1.1 page with media
embeds and xhtml5 page embed)

http://www.cwdjr.net/video7/test4.php (xhtml5 page with media embeds
and page embeds)

http://www.cwdjr.net/video7/test.php (xhtml 1.1 page with media
embeds and multi page embeds.This is a development page to demonstrate
correct embedding of several types of pages ranging from html2 to
xhtml 1.1 and xhtml5 in a xhtml 1.1 main page.)

My objective at first was to include the html5 video element on a
xhtml 1.1 page, if possible.
It turns out that use of correct modern object code allows this by
embedding a short xhtml5 page in a xhtml 1.1 page. Since this worked
well, I expanded my consideration to many versions of html, or html5/
xhtml5. If you do this, you often can embed a page of another Doctype
from that of the main page. When done right, the embedded page is
competely independent of the main page in the "porthole" created for
the embedded page. Within the "porthole" you are under the rules of
the Doctype of the embedded page, not the main page. See the last url
above for examples and extensive comments.

If you choose to view the HD video example, the password is "Goose"
without the quotes.
Please read the comments first to avoid wasting your time if your
computer is not likely to
handle this very demanding video.

Remember this is just a demo page, it is not intended for any other
message. Some of the pages embedded are rather old and were selected
to demonstrate something rather than being the best examples

I am satisfied that there is no need or excuse to write "html soup"
which is a mixture of code of different Doctypes on the same page and
labeled by a Doctype suitable for only part of the code. You can
instead use correct embeds of short pages of other Doctypes, but this
is seldom necessary.

One of the most difficult things was making the demo video of Roscoe
the Parrot. Making good video of a parrot is far more difficult than
for a young, active child.

Re: Object html page embeds allow use of any Doctype codes as inserts

In article
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Lot of food for thought there, cwdjrxyz. (jbtw, that is one very
polite and gentle parrot!)


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