Not sure what is going on

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I have the following:

padding: 3px 0;
margin-left: 0;
margin-bottom: 0;
margin-top: 0.1em;
font: bold 12px Verdana;

#tablist li{
list-style: none;
display: inline;
margin: 0;

#tablist li a{
padding: 3px 0.5em;
margin-left: 3px;
border: 1px solid #778;
border-bottom: none;
background: white;

#tablist li a.current{
background: #F1C449;
color:  white;

width: 100%;
height: 95%;
padding: 3px;
border: 1px solid #778;
<ul id="tablist">
<li><a href="users.asp" class="current">Users</a></li>
<li><a href="projects.asp">Projects</a></li>
<div id="tabcontentcontainer">
<frameset cols="30%,*"
  <frame name="usersFrame"
  <frame name="userFrame"

I see the tabs ... but I do not see the frameset.  If I remove the tabs -
then I get the frameset.  I'd like both :-)

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Not sure what is going on

booner wrote:
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I presume this is a typo and you meant to put <html> before the <head>

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That's because the <ul> makes the browser infer <body>, and <frameset>
cannot occur inside <body> - the frameset DTD specifies that <frameset>
replaces body. A document with frames can only put other code within
the <noframes> element. You need to put your tabs inside another frame
(or better yet, use server-side includes so that you needn't use frames
at all).

Safalra (Stephen Morley) /

Re: Not sure what is going on

Yes, that was a typo.

The user interface I was going for with the frames ... was a list of users
in a selection list (left frame).  Then when a user is selected - put their
information in the right frame for updating.

In the selection list on the onchange event:

window.parent.frames["userFrame"].location = "editUser.asp?Id=" + id;


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tabs -
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Re: Not sure what is going on

booner wrote:

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You can't do it this way. Run it through and it will tell
you that your code is just wrong.

What you are attempting (if you insist on frames - with the whole bunch of
problems they will cause) can only be done by splitting the window into
three frames, with an additional frame at the top holding your <ul> tabs.

Benjamin Niemann
Email: pink at odahoda dot de
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