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Sorry if this has been discussed before but I was looking for a quick fix I
suppose.  Netscape 6.2 doesn't seem to be able to support the <label> tag -
it just doesn't display them AT ALL [as if they don't exist] on a web form.

Netscape 7.1 works fine - I haven't tried other Netscape browsers.

Is there a fix I could use for this?
Thanks in advance,


Re: no


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They can work in 6.2 - they work on my site.  But there were old bugs
that made them vanish depending on what kind of CSS formatting you try
to do with them, particularly with positioning or floating I think it

Bill Mason
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Re: no

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Sure. Or <p>. Whatever suits the content. I tend to use <span> because
it is 'a last hope' when my markup is already as clean and appropriate
as I can get it. This is also merely an example that goes in a lot of
situations, but probably not in all.

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Yes, that is the point.
.lbl { float: left; width: 12em; }

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Yes. See CSS above.

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