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Need help with frameset issues. I a developing a website for a church
but have been told NO FRAMESETS. This is because they don't work with
text based browsers. I have never seen a with text based browser. Can I
get one? What the want to do is to include a html file down the side as
a menu and another across the top. How can this be done outside a
frameset. Any pointers at documents please. And one at a text based
browser maybe.


Re: No Framesets allowed

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It's probably a good idea to ask the owner of the web site for some
examples of the browsers they're referring to.  Perhaps there are
regular visitors to the web site who have specific needs you need to
aware of.

Lynx < is an example of a text-based browser.
Opera < can also emulate a text browser.

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I suggest you format the body for the HTML documents correctly, using
<h1>, <h2>, etc for headings, and Unordered Lists <ul> for the menu. And
then use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to handle positioning, colour,

I note that someone else has suggested you go for a tabled based layout,
but that's probably not a good idea, especially as there seems to be
specific usability requirements.

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