Newbie: Map works in FF not IE

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Just starting to learn HTML, and came across a problem with an image map.
What I want to happen is to click on a picture, and display another picture.
FF works great, but in IE6 the link is inactive. I presume this is simple to
fix, but searches have come up empty. The code validates strict 4.01
successfully. Unclear as to whether the problem is with the IMG or MAP
tags - have tinkered with both but have yet to find the combo that works.

Thx for the input.

Re: Newbie: Map works in FF not IE

Slick50 wrote:

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1) it needs a # before the name of the map in the usemap attribute:

2) Why are you using image maps at all?
Just make them normal links:
<a href="images/hannahfirestation.jpg"><img
src="images/thumb_hannahfirestation.jpg" alt="Hannah"></a>

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Re: Newbie: Map works in FF not IE

I tried the # in usemap, and that appeared to make the link active. However
it was still not.

Your question of WHY I was trying to use an image map is an excellent one.
Being a newbie, I forgot that I can embed IMG in an A tag. I seem to have
forgotten a few things along the way after reading through the entire DTD.

I edited per your suggestion and it works great. Thanks very much!

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Re: Newbie: Map works in FF not IE

Quoted text here. Click to load it

No need, as Els has pointed out.

A couple of refinements for you, good habit to get into: find out
the size of what you are calling thumbnails and add these dims
into <img ... width="200" height="150">. This helps the browsers
to reserve, in graceful good time, space in the window, causes
less jumpiness.

These are not thumbnails but you are to be congratulated for
their size, better in this instance. They are big enough for
friends and family to see without the need for them to download
the considerably bigger ones. Think about the relationships and
what you are intending for your viewers. Some are good for a
bigger view, could even be a tad bigger. Others are far too big
for screen viewing and a waste of bandwidth. If they are for the
user to print, then you can make provision for this by commentary
to let them know what they can expect etc... In other words, for
viewing, make the large, perhaps up to 800px wide. If for
printing and you are supplying bigger, hive off these to another
block of text and links and say what they are for, this gives
people better info to base decisions on. (Some people are on dial
up or do not want to waste bandwidth on things needlessly big for


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