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Re: Newbie - I want a WMA file to play - embedding?

=A9=AE wrote:
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Yes you are right in your assumption that choice #2 is the best.

You have a few options open to you.  You can just include a link to an
Mp3 file.  This will open the default player the user has on their
machine.  This is the most unobtrusive method, but not necessarily the
best depending on the site.

You can also embed a player in the page.  Then using scripting you can
let the user switch between songs.  The advantage of this method is
that you can Incorporated the player into the page design.  Sometimes
that is preferred.

Another option you have is to use Flash.  And create a flash player.
Many rock bands do this.  (I can personally speak for Run DMC,
Aerosmith, and the Cars because I actually created the Flash players
for their websites)  This allows you to make the player an intricate
part of the website.  Fox news also does this because Flash video and
music via Flash can get through most firewalls. (Which is another

The more you incorporate the music into the page, the fewer people will
actually be able to use it as you have designed.  But, this percentage
that can not use it is probably less than 10% of your typical visitors
(probably more like 30 or 40% of the users in this forum would not see
it because they CHOOSE not to.)

A google of "embedded media player"  will reward you with the actual
code you need.  If you search you will find several
flash players that would work for you.  Each with the source code.

Good luck, and ignore the idiots here.  There is a difference between
"book world", and "real world" that most don't seem to understand.

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