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Does using CSS require anything out of the ordinary on the web server? By
that I mean any special features? The web server i am going to be using is a
Freedom of Speech provider and does not offer any extras.

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Yes, the server has to be able to handle plain text. This Freedom
of Speech one, if it is some sort of Republican server, should be
ok, Republicans pride themselves on plain talking. Ask Travis.


Re: Newbie CSS Question

dorayme wrote:

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The only caveat is that Nobody will need to check if this server serves
CSS files as "text/css". Sometimes, you will find one of the free or ISP
servers that don't, instead mistakenly serving as just plain text.

If they won't let him upload files (perhaps because using one of those
n00bie wizard things), he might be able to embed the CSS in a <style>
block in the HTML file.

<style type="text/css">
[code here]

See: /

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Re: Newbie CSS Question

Nobody wrote:
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Do you have that mailbox at nowhere dot com that you're flying in your
From header, or are you abusing about dot com's mail servers? /

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