Newbee help - strange frame in a box

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On this page:

a strange look (like 3D elevated) is in the table at the end of the

This is a snippet of the code:

<td width="71" valign="top"><p>20-21 </p></td>
           <td width="95" valign="top"><p>&nbsp;</p></td>
           <td width="95" valign="top"><p>1006 D </p>
               <p>Sonja T. Christiansen/ </p>
               <p>Laust S&oslash;rensen/ </p>
               <p>Ingrid T.Christiansen/ </p>
               <p>Anders Nielsen </p></td>
           <td width="95" valign="top"><p>&nbsp;</p></td>
           <td width="95" valign="top"><p></p></td>
           <td width="71" valign="top"><p>21-21.55 </p></td>
           <td width="95" valign="top"><p>&nbsp;</p></td>
           <td width="95" valign="top"><p>3009 S </p>
               <p>Jens Leipziger / </p>
               <p>Elvin Odg&aring;rd </p></td>
           <td width="95" valign="top"><p></p></td>
           <td width="95" valign="top"><p></p></td>
       <h2>Priser 1/9-1/5- 2005/06: </h2>
       <p>Kr. 1400,- pr. bane </p>

Somewhere the look of the table is changed. Can anyone find the error?


Klaus Kragelund

Re: Newbee help - strange frame in a box

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I do not see your particular "strange look"? Perhaps you should
fix up the many mistakes in your markup and css first. Eg. at
one point you have:

<TABLE cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="" height=""

style="1"? width? height?

And in your css you have such as font-size:'10pt'; sprinkled



Imo, decide on a doctype and put in a declaration, perhaps
rethink the inner scrollbars (that inner window is basically the
whole content).

You have masses of deprecated attributes! Time to simplify and
modernise Klaus! Get all that style info out and stick it in css
sheets... Perhaps use less tables...

You write this up or did you use something that generated it?


Re: Newbee help - strange frame in a box

I used something (MacroMedia DreamVeawer) to generate it.

Or more to the point I am updating the page that another persom made
and his original intent is clueless to me

But thanks anyway



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