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To give some background first, and hopefully avoid yet again being classed
as an idiot... I know some of my questions may seem very basic, but I need
so rarely need to use JavaScript, CSS (and even HTML) that I don't really
have the opportunity to build up a solid core of knowledge -

I am responsible for administration of a link resolver in an academic
library. This means that many of our subscribed databases include a link to
our resolver on their pages. When users click this link, it opens a new,
popup window displaying the results of our link resolver. This is standard
and expected behaviour of link resolvers, to open in popup windows, and is
largely controlled from the database end.

However, one of our databases insists on opening the results of our link
resolver in the current window - which means that users invariably click on
the "close" button to close the window - and hence lose all the search
results etc that they've accumlated in that database.

I need to force this link resolver window to open in a new window. Of
course it would be easiest to have this happening at the database end, but
they are not being very cooperative. So we need to work around this and
insert the code into our link resolver window. I thought I could perhaps do
this by naming the window via onload, as below. But this isn't working.

Can anyone suggest an alternative? Below is the relevant bit of code.

<BODY onload="window.focus();name=winname">

Re: New window question - unrelated to previous

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Easy... Fix the OTHER resolvers so none of them open new windows.

If users want a new window they can hold SHIFT when they click their link
(assuming IE here).

Re: New window question - unrelated to previous

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Yea, good suggestion...

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