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I have a page which opens a new browser instance with target="_blank".
Additionally, a cookie is set beforehand in the originating browswer
instance. This works fine in Firefox.

However, MSIE 7 doesn't seem to recognize the cookie in the new instance (it
will in the old instance). Is there a quick means that I can have it open a
new tab, rather than a new browser instance, without having to use
javascript? Is there a means to ament the target="_blank" so that a new tab
opens with the new page? Thanks, Ike

Re: New tab in MSIE 7

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Configure IE 7 Tabbed Browsing Settings.

Tools > Internet Options > Tabs > Settings

BootNic   Thursday, February 01, 2007 10:50 AM

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Re: New tab in MSIE 7

BootNic wrote:
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That'll do it for his computer but I got the sense that he wants a page
he wrote to open a new tab when some other user visits it.  No way to do
that of which I am aware.  Besides, if that ever were made available
(heaven forbid) I'm sure someone would immediately write an extension to
block it from happening.

Ed Mullen
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