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How do I open a new tab, rather than a complete new window, through a link?


Re: New tab

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On Firefox and iCab I do it by pressing the command key as i
click links in the browser window. As for links that occur
elsewhere, e.g., in newsreader, I have set the preferences in FF
and iCab so that they open always in new tabs. That is on a Mac.

If you are asking how to do it on a Windows machine, I think
maybe similar but perhaps a the Alt key. Look at Properties.

If you are asking how to make it happen on someone else's
computer when they are clicking on links in your website, I
believe this is not a good idea even if there was a reliable way
to ensure this. Mainly because it might not please the user who
should therefore be allowed to decide these things for him or

You can put target="_blank" in your links (not kosher in Strict)
and this is a handle that might trigger a new tab if the user
(like me) sets the browser to so act. But if it is ot explicitly
so set by the user, it will default open a new window. Not a good
bet as default is much more likely.


Re: New tab

Scripsit dorayme:

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On IE 7, using a three-button mouse, you can just click on a click with the
middle button.

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Indeed. Thus, using the middle button is a simple and effective weapon
against target="_blank". However, not all users know this. Besides, there's
no comparable simple method for opening a link in the current window and the
current tab (i.e., using it as a normal link) if the link has
target="_blank". So target="_blank" is still a nuisance, especially to
novice users who easily get confused. (They try to use the Back button,
without realizing that a new window was thrown at them.)

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

Re: New tab

"Jukka K. Korpela"  wrote:
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In opera, i can simply right click > open any link to force it to open
in the same tab.

Re: New tab

Brian Robertson wrote:
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You can't. HTML provides no means to do so. Your link may coincidentally
open a new tab, but that depends entirely on the settings of the user's
browser (and of course some browsers and other UA's don't even have tabs).


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