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Re: New freelancer

On Jun 26, 2:48 pm, ""
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And it shows.  Fire your editor:

Main page:
"I am currently working on my first batch of live projects, so I have
put up a sample of my personal work using HTML and CSS to produce
interesting designs. Click on the picture to see my work."

Customer translation:
"I am small and new, please go to my competition if you want a job
done by someone with a track record that will be here
tomorrow...."  (Just tell them here are some quality examples, and
explain to them what YOU do right, and why your code is better than
the competition.)

Contact me page:
"If you have navigated your way to this page hopefully you are going
to contact me, "

Customer translation:
"Please contact me, I am desperate and need the money for
food..." (What the hell is "hopefully" you will contact me?)

Contact me page:
"I am located in Cambridge CB1 area so most of my work is in the
Cambridgeshire area, however I am happy to travel further for the
right job."

Customer translation:
"I will do anything for work.  My kids are starving please give me a
job" (Come-on, you can provide services to anyone in the world, its
the freaking internet for crying lout loud.)

Home Page:
"If you are looking for a web designer or a software trainer in the
Cambridgeshire area then please contact me, I will be happy to come
and see you. Initial design costs are difficult to put a finger on
without a good chat."

Customer translation:
"Hi I'm small, and haven't a clue what I should charge you, but I want
to be your friend and have some tea and crumpets while we chat...
(Your a business not a friend. Present yourself like one. Friends
"chat", business "discuss")

Services Page:
" To read further details on my consultation and design process
presented in a more formal way click here or contact me and we can
have a chat."

Customer translation:
"WTF?" (Here is your new mantra "I am a business... I am a
business..."  No one wants to "chat" with you.  They want an expert
that will research their company and come up with the best web

Services Page:
"I am a fan of really good creative design, and can draw inspiration
from just about anywhere; as well as that I have had the advantage of
working in the print and new media industries with some truly talented
people. But if you are not a designer and want to know what really
good design looks like and may be get an idea of what can be achieved
you should have a rummage through some of these links below."

Customer translation:
"Man this guy has some real confidence issues" (Your text is VERY
passive. When I read this I envision a person that is almost begging
to get my work.)

I like your site design.  It is your words that really suck.  You show
no confidence at all when you try to come across like a friend.
People want an expert not a friend.  A friend made their old web
page.  They want an expert to make their new one.


Don't tell them what is wrong, tell them what is right!

Re: New freelancer

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Alternative Customer Translation:

"Hey, this guy is refreshingly honest. He doesn't pretend to have extensive
industry experience as a 14yo hacker. He is honest enough to share his real
experiences with me. He is trustworthy. He doesn't hide behind wanky spin. I
trust him because he doesn't rely on tired old cliches to woo my business."

Re: New freelancer

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Thank you - that was my aim.
My spelling is still terrible.


Re: New freelancer

On Jun 27, 11:55 pm, ""
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Yeah, tell me about it, mine is  shocking.
Regards Chad.

Re: New freelancer

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You can be honest and cut the bullshit without being a "refreshing

Re: New freelancer

On Wed, 27 Jun 2007 13:25:05 GMT asdf scribed:

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Alternate Customer Translation:

This guy is so naive he couldn't possibly be worth a shit so I think I'll
go play with the big boys and see if I can con them into a discount.


Once I had a little bird
That made me rather hasty.
So now I have no little bird,
But it was very tasty.

Re: New freelancer

In article

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Good on you asdf! Travis is a Republican you see and is focussed
on The Big End of Town.


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