Netscape Problem: Flash objects within tables

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Hi All,

hopefully someone can help me. A colleague at work has passed me over a
page he made with dreamweaver to see if i can sort it out. The page
contains a reasonably complex table and three of the cells in the table
contain flash objects. These flash objects ars supposed to be exactly
the same size as the cells which contain them.

In IE this works just fine, however in netscape it appears that the
browser adds a strip 4 pixels wide which is empty just below the flash
objects. This obviously throws the alignment of other stuff on the page
out. I have never come across this before(although i've never had to
constrain flash sprites quite like this before) to add to this given
that the page was generated in dreamweaver the resultant code is not
exactly the best organised or neatest i've come across.

has anyone had similar problems before? can anyone point me in the
direction of a solution, i've checked the cellpadding and the
cellspacing and it's all fine i've tried setting hspace and vspace to 0
within the object and embed tags even though i'm not sure these tags
support hspace or vspace and frankly i'm now completely stumped.

any help would be hugely appreciated.



Re: Netscape Problem: Flash objects within tables

Richie Bisset said...

Quoted text here. Click to load it

1. /
2. good: <td><whatever...></td>
   bad:  <td>
         <td><whatever...> </td>
3. /

next time supply a URI so people don't need to waste their time
guessing what the problem may be.

brucie a. blackford. 26/July/2003 07:34:04 am kilo. /

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