Nested Tables Spaces Removal Problem

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I have two tables one is inside the other , i want to remove the space
between the insider one border and the outer one.
I tried to let the bottom margin of the insider table to 0 px but that
does't help me.
so do you know how to do that?

Re: Nested Tables Spaces Removal Problem

Octopus0 wrote:
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A URL would help.  Otherwise we're just guessing at what you mean, and
you're likely to just get a lot of "Aah! He uses tables! Attack!!" style


Re: Nested Tables Spaces Removal Problem

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Imagine you have 2 tables of a cell each. Not a likely, but just
to illustrate the feature you are concerned with - hopefully.

If you assign borders to each and you like the look of a double
border, set the cellspacing and cellpadding to zero. If you want
no spacing and just 1 border, then set border to zero for one of
the tables. If you want no borders around the cells, you need to
set these cells to have no borders.

More, and it gets complicated. (btw...I cannot imagine why you
are fiddling with a bottom margin, what makes you fasten on this
feature as being particularly relevant?).


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