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Re: need true WYSIWYG editor

Art Sackett wrote:
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Mine keeps segfaulting. And every time somebody swings by my desk for
conversation, it page-swaps wildly for about 30 seconds, making it
rather difficult to keep up.

Is there going to be a patch out soon?


Re: need true WYSIWYG editor

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Switch to realtime mode with the design task as the highest priority,
and disable interrupts. Nuthin' to it but to do it! :-)

Art Sackett,
Patron Saint of Drunken Fornication

Re: need true WYSIWYG editor

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You can try CoolPage which is available at .  It is
WYSIWYG and it works like a page design program where you create text
blocks and graphic blocks then you can drag them around where you want
and resize them as needed.  It uses CSS to position the blocks, and
the resulting pages display well in most browsers.  They have a free
version you can try out to see if you like it or not, and they have
three versions for sale.  The free version puts a sound clip and 3Dize
button on your page which you can move anywhere you want.  You can
then open the HTML pages after your design is complete and simply
delete the code for the sound clip and button.  By doing this I
believe it is the same as the Standard version.  It also has drag and
drop for graphics and comes with some clipart.  It is not Dreamweaver
but it is free.


Re: need true WYSIWYG editor

Jim Lingenfelter wrote:
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Please, no.  If their home page is any indication of the stuff it
produces, then it should be avoided like the plague.  If you're not sure
why, then try looking at the page in mozilla at 150% zoom.  It's
positively ghastly.  The source code is pretty ghastly, too.

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Re: need true WYSIWYG editor

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Try these:
DHE Html editor (freeware) from .
It uses absolutely positioned elements. It is still being developed,
it only provides basic functions,  but is very easy to use and it

The same method to position elements is used by Dwarf and Web Spinner
from . The former was free but it
apparently has been removed. Maybe you can get it somewhere. Web
Spinner is somewhat more advanced (it even has a table editor)and is
rather cheap.

Absolutely positioned elements generally are handled well by recent
browsers and you can easily edit the code (it is css positioned!, no
nested tables). However these editors use a special file format and
you generate the html at the last step of your work. You can not edit
html files directly, so that you have to keep the original file. Also,
no liquid design. That you can achieve only by hand coding.

Ramon Leon

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