need some help on browser targeting

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Ok, once my index/home page loads, there is a java script that calls for a
pop up window with my latest "web specials".  It is set to only load once
per visit so it dosen't get to annoying.  My question is, In the pop up I
have a link that says, click here to find out more.  When they click that I
want that window to close and the window behind it, the original home/index
page to load the new "web specials page". How would I accomplish this?  I've
done a few searches, and I don't think it has to do with "parent, self, top,
or blank".  Thanks to anyone that can help.

greg g.

Re: need some help on browser targeting

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Do a google for "javascript window opener", or get the JS docs. from
Netscape and look it up in there.  It's reasonably easy to do.

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Re: need some help on browser targeting

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Be sure to stay updated on the latest facts, examples, opinions and
conclusions on this matter; <URL:

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Avoiding using popup windows--for reasons that become evident in the
referenced thread--would eliminate that problem. Is there not enough
canvas space on your homepage to implement the 'web specials'? Browser
canvas is not limited by budget, like paper-size is in the print
industry. One can easily come to the conclusion that the design of the
homepage was not sufficiently thought out to offer room for extensions;
of course I am not saying that is so, but it should make you ponder.

Your popup will not appear in my browser, since I instructed it to
eliminate all unrequested popup windows. I didn't have to do much for
that, it is built-in in Safari.

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I am not an expert on JavaScript syntax, but self.opener comes to mind.
Maybe a Google search for this will clarify.

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