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Hello alt.html readers,

I am having major major problems trying to modify a web template to my liking.
The problem is this template has only two vertical tables, and I want actually
three vertical tables. Two side-bars on each side and the main one in the
middle. This is the template folks:

You see on the left side how it looks? Well I want it to be the same on the
right side.  My idea was to make the whole table a little bigger and input the
code used to make the left table unto the right table. But my problem is when I
copy and paste the left table code, it ends up on the bottom as such:

I would just like to ask what am I doing wrong? This goes to all you Table
Designer pros out there. If you can simply tell me how this could be done or
send me the corrected HTML, it would be mostly appreciated. I have spent hours
pulling out my hair in frustration trying to get this right. Please help..thank


Re: Need html help

Also how can I get the top banner table to go in the middle, rather it being
face toward the left side? Thanks for any help.


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