Need help with Netscape Form Submission..

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I'm creating an application to mail HTML-based Surveys, and am
experiencing a problem with Netscape Mail (7.01).

I build a basic form, using the "post" method, and email that form.
When it is opened in Netscape Mail, it displays properly (all tags are
correct, and the code is a full-structured HTML page, with no
syntactical problems), however when I submit the form from within the
Mail window, the receiving app is not able to capture the results via
the response collection (ASP/.NET).

I have tried using the "get" method on the form, and the results are
sent to the receiving app via querystring...  The problem with this is
the limitation on the data sent via querystring, and also the fact that
the results are then visible in the browser's "location" bar.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and many thanks in advance.


Re: Need help with Netscape Form Submission.. says...
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Are you using mailto: as the form's action?  Aside from any error you've
made in your code, you've made a fundamental school boy error in your
post by not providing a link to the page with which you're having
trouble.  Would you expect a mechanic to fix your car without taking it
to her?


Hywel /

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