need help with ModalDialog

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I have a problem with modal dialog, i need to make possible to copy
text placed in tables from my modal dialog, and paste anywhere client
in example i have such a script:
<input type="button" name="butt"

As a result of pressing button, i receive a modal dialog with content
of s.html - source:
some text here

but i can't select any number of text, no context menu is working by
right clicking.
So I need to make menus available and tet selectable.

Please help!

Re: need help with ModalDialog


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I'm not familiar with the showModalDialog function but it sounds like that
is the problem.

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Re: need help with ModalDialog

A modal dialog, by definition, will not allow the user to interact with
the parent window until the dialog has been closed.  If you want to
offer the ability to interact with both parent and dialog at the same
time, you'll need to use rather than


Re: need help with ModalDialog

Yukky, yes i know that modal window won't intearact with parent, but
the problem is that it is impossible to select any text which is not in
<input> tag, in example <p>some text here</p> text won't be selectable,
thus it wonn't be available to copy that text to clipboard. But i need
to be able to copy data to clipboard.

Re: need help with ModalDialog

Sorry I misunderstood your question.  Apparently, the showModalDIalog
does not bring up a new instance of the browser--just a viewer.  As
such it's incapable of allowing selections.  I believe your only option
left here is to use a approach, which of course gives you a
fully-functional browser instance (at the cost of losing the modal

Good luck,

Re: need help with ModalDialog

Thank You very much. So the only way is to use window.Open() and onBlur
event to simulate modal window?

Re: need help with ModalDialog

I would probably avoid the onBlur route unless you are just hell-bent
on making this thing modal.  For one thing, a non-javascript-enabled
browser would ignore your attempts to do so.  In any event, I seem to
recall others having problems trying to simulate a modal window like
you are describing.


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